Cloud technology and the vendors who are selling it promise a lot. Before making a decision, make sure you understand the real differences between cloud contact centers. Leading global analyst firm Ovum has identified three criteria for evaluating competing solutions: technology, vendor positioning and customer sentiment.
  • What are the real technology differences?
  • Are you getting a complete end-to-end solution in the cloud?
  • How long has the cloud solution been deployed?
  • How many instances and how many agents are supported?
  • What are current customers saying?
This 10-Point Checklist can help you make an informed choice. Get the proof you need to decide—proof in the cloud.
We chose inContact because they provide an all-in-one solution.
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– David May
Director at Schumacher Group
Do you know the tough questions to ask cloud contact center providers?

Get prepared with the 10-Point Checklist: Choosing the Right Cloud Contact Center