Thinking about moving your contact center to the cloud? Learn from the experts at Forrester Research, Ovum & McGee-Smith Analytics.
If you are considering a move to the cloud, you need to know what tough questions to ask potential partners. And, you may need help in building a business case to make a move.

Help is at hand. The Contact Center Analyst Webinar Series brings together leading analysts from Forrester Research, Inc., Ovum, and McGee-Smith Analytics to provide unbiased insight into the most critical issues around moving to the cloud such as:
  • How do you know when it’s time to move from a premise-based system?
  • What issues should you consider? What benefits should you expect?
  • What challenges should you prepare for?
  • Once you’ve determined that moving to the cloud is the right choice, how do you select a vendor?  
The webinar series addresses the key criteria you need to consider when making a move and help you figure out if the cloud is the right choice for your organization.

1 Webinar Series—3 Leading Analysts—3 Contact Center Topics
That Matter to Your Business