Call Center Software Total Cost of Ownership Results Are In
New research proves cloud-based call center software saves businesses up to 50% in total cost of ownership

Frost & Sullivan’s new “Total Cost of Ownership” Study proves that there is a clear cost-advantage—as much as 50%— in selecting a cloud-based call center solution over a traditional, premise-based system.

The study demonstrates the power of the cloud and gives you the fact-based information you need to guide your call center into a more profitable future. Want to learn more? Download the Frost & Sullivan “Total Cost of Ownership” study today.

You’ll get the unbiased information you need and:

  • Learn the cost-savings to be realized in year one, year three and year five
  • Understand the financial difference for call centers with 50, 100, 250 and 500 seats
  • Learn why larger, more distributed call centers realize higher cost savings
  • Discover how as more businesses move to the cloud, the more cost savings everyone will realize

Download the "Total Cost of Ownership" study today.

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How Much Will You Save?
inContact’s cloud-based call center solutions saved:
> CHS America $50 million
> $3.4 million
> Clearlink more than $2 million
> Washington State 2-1-1 $640,000