How your contact center can be transformed into a more powerful, agile and effective operation

How Workforce Intelligence improves functional operations and contact center sophistication

How Workforce Intelligence can help strengthen customer loyalty and increase spending
We want to be the best in customer service in our field...and inContact is a big piece. They have so many features for customer satisfaction.
-Gary Bolduc - Activision

The Workforce-Intelligent Contact Center™:
The Key to Optimal Performance

What keeps contact centers from transforming themselves from good to great in terms of performance and profitability? Very often it’s a disconnect between workforce optimization (WFO) and contact center infrastructure systems: The two aren’t fully integrated. But the Workforce-Intelligent Contact Center changes all that. 

While ACD/VR/Dialer infrastructure systems have always pushed data to WFO systems, the reverse hasn’t been true—until now. With Workforce Intelligence, WFO also sends information back to the infrastructure, giving it the “marching orders” it needs to make intelligent decisions and changes automatically. Fully integrating the two means much less manual intervention, and contact center executives are freed up to focus on customer service and revenue-generating opportunities. 
By reading our Intelligent Workforce Contact Center white paper, you’ll learn:

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