How your contact center’s “brain” can use workforce management and optimization tools to automatically make intelligent adjustments

How WICC can strengthen agent scheduling and performance for outbound campaigns

How service recovery can be elevated to surprise and delight unhappy customers

How WICC can be used to identify and leverage post-contact sales opportunities
We want to be the best in customer service in our field...and inContact is a big piece. They have so many features for customer satisfaction.
-Gary Bolduc - Activision

The Workforce-Intelligent Contact Center™:
in the Age of Automatic Response

Contact centers are dynamic environments, and supervisors are constantly using data to manually make changes to optimize scheduling and performance. But we’re living in the Age of Automatic Response. What if the contact center’s “central brain” could analyze the constant flow of data and make adjustments automatically? With the Workforce-Intelligent Contact Center (WICC), it can. And in the process of doing so, agent performance, operational efficiency and the customer experience are all strengthened. 
By listening to our podcast on the Workforce-Intelligent Contact Center, you’ll learn:

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